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Divorce Attorneys Portland Oregon

Zimmer Family Law
Divorce Attorneys Portland, Oregon | Family Law Attorneys

The family law attorneys at Zimmer Family Law understand that dealing with a divorce or other family law matter will likely be a difficult and emotional experience. We are committed to using our experience and business-like approach to resolve family law disputes with integrity, professionalism, and efficiency. Above all, we appreciate that our clients will have to live with the manner in which their disputes are resolved long after their cases are finalized.

Our firm represents a broad and diverse spectrum of clients. As experienced litigators and appellate lawyers, we are able to promptly assess the range of issues that must be resolved, and to provide a road map for resolution. For every client, whether dealing with a simple or a complex and difficult divorce, our goal is the same: to provide the very best service possible in helping our clients resolve their cases in a fair and amicable manner.

Zimmer Family Law: Portland Family Law Attorneys

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