Awarding of Attorney Fees and Costs

Attorney Fees and Costs

Attorney Fees and Costs in Family Law Cases

Attorney Fees and Costs in Family Law Cases

Family law cases can be expensive if the parties or their attorneys are contentious and take unreasonable positions. Cases can also become expensive if there is a genuine dispute about custody, support, or property division issues, such as the value of a business or whether one party should receive a “credit” for assets owned at the time of the marriage.

Awarding of Attorneys Fees

At the conclusion of a divorce, the court has the power to order one party to pay a reasonable sum to the other party for attorney fees, expert costs, and other expenses associated with a divorce. An award of attorney fees is also possible in most other family law cases, such as modifications of judgment or contempt.

As a practical matter, this rarely occurs when the parties settle their case. Further, in a divorce case, if assets are equally divided, courts are sometimes reluctant to award attorney fees unless one party acted unreasonably, such as by not making good faith efforts to settle the case.

Our Approach

We understand that the best result for our clients is to resolve their cases efficiently and in a business like manner. In those cases that are contested, we will typically seek an award of attorney fees and costs.

We also work to help keep costs down by encouraging our clients to be active participants in their cases. By helping us gather financial information, taking time to understand the issues in the case, responding to our questions, and clearly communicating with your attorney, the time and costs of your case will be reduced.

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