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Spousal Support

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How Spousal Support Works

In some cases, one spouse may have to pay the other spousal support. Under Oregon law, there are three kinds of spousal support: transitional spousal support, maintenance spousal support, and compensatory spousal support. With each type of support, there are many factors that determine the amount and duration of the support.

Transitional support is usually awarded when one spouse has been out of the work force and needs more education or training to become gainfully employed. Maintenance spousal support is awarded to help maintain one party’s standard of living when there is a significant difference in earning potential. Compensatory support is awarded under limited circumstances, usually when one spouse made significant contributions to the other spouse’s education or career, and the marital estate has not yet benefited from those contributions. An example would be a wife who helped put her husband through college and dental school, and, shortly thereafter, the husband filed for divorce.

The type of support, amount, and duration all depend on the facts of your case. We will work with you to identify your needs and the type of support that best meets those needs.

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